Wedesignstuff creates clean design solutions that are instantly recognizable and empower brands to communicate to their audience in a more meaningful way. We love clear, clever and highly functional visuals, but we don’t shy away from playfulness and bursts of color either. We believe that things look good when they are aligned with your business goals and inspire everyone along the way.


WDS knows how to listen and guide you through all design phases

WDS first and foremost falls in love with the challenge, and only then with the solution

WDS is a great believer in giving stories some breathing space, aka “blank space”

WDS doesn’t pick favorites when it comes to being beautiful or useful

WDS knows how much effort goes into making the complicated look simple

WDS has a systematic approach and an open heart

WDS has that “somethin’ somethin’” that makes it so contemporary

With its signature sensibility, WDS bravely takes on projects of all sizes, shapes and colors. Depending on the needs and scale of the project, an entire team of multidisciplinary industry experts can be assembled to provide you with a full design service. Whether it’s an all-woman law firm, a hip restaurant, an advanced beauty company or a socially committed startup on another continent – Wedesignstuff creates the kinds of stories we all want to be a part of.